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Cumberland has lots of landscape—huge live oaks, thick oak-palmetto woods, pristine salt marsh, long deserted beaches. This is the edge of a marsh near Dungeness at low tide at sunset.
Out Of The Ruins

(Ben Reese arriving by boat)
"...He stared off on his right, at the west coast of Cumberland, when they came to it ten minutes later, as they worked their way north through Cumberland Sound along Cumberland's long intercostal side. Most of it was fringed with saltwater marsh, with twisting creeks in marsh grass, golden then instead of green, growing low in front of live oaks and widely spaced spikes of tall palm.

Ben started to watch the water, bottle green and grass green and blue where the sky lay shining on its rippling skin, but he couldn't keep his eyes off Cumberland - where whole flocks of white ibis, their four-inch beaks curling in toward their chests, stood feeding in grassy shallows and meandering low tide creeks..."