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Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island, Northumberland England seen from the ruins of the Benedictine Priory on the landward side of the island.
Pride And Predator

"The path from the ruins of the priory to the castle wasn't hidden in early morning mist that day, and the seabirds were easy to follow as they glided silently, crying to each other, or the sea itself, while they rode the east wind.

The sun hadn't been up long and it hung low above the water, pale and soft and salmon-colored...Few people from the mainland came over to Holy Island that early in the morning...Yet that Friday, there was a tall thin man in three-piece tweeds with a knapsack on his back walking into the wind toward the castle...

He moved easily with long, quick, loose-jointed strides, with his head up and his shoulders back. But he didn't hurry like day-trippers intent on the castle and the priory in less than an hour. He stopped beside the harbor and watched a cormorant fly past just above the water with a long stream of seaweed in her beak. He smiled to himself and hopped from rock to rock without having to think about balance, breathing in salt air with silent satisfaction, the iodine and the fish and the seaweed he'd loved as long as he could remember..."