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Breeding GroundFinally, A NEW BOOK . . .

Breeding Ground– the first Jo Grant mystery

Lexington, Kentucky, 1962:

Another painful death in Jo Grant’s family . . another injured relative she suddenly has to care for while running the family broodmare business she wants to leave behind . . another casualty from WWII turning-up in need at her door – right when she and a WWII OSS vet are trying to stop the killer of a friend caught in the conflicts of another family horse business in the inbred world of Lexington Thoroughbreds, where the family ties from grooms to estate owners have tangled together for a hundred years.

Available in eBook format, October 2013.

A Note from Sally. . .

October, 2013

When I decided to set part of the Ben Reese novel Watches Of The Night in Lexington, Kentucky, I had no idea how much I'd enjoy being there. I had a horse then myself, which probably played a part, but as I worked on Watches, I got more and more interested in life on the horse farms in Woodford County, largely because of the people I met.

A group of women-friends around Versailles and Midway, who lived in really beautiful old farmhouses (some with horses, most without), had started welcoming guests through a loosely organized B&B network run by one of the group.

Some decided to open their homes in order to meet interesting people; others to help put food on the table. But the ones I met while staying in their homes knew so much about local history and old family stories and early Kentucky architecture too, they changed the way I saw Lexington.

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"There's an art to the academic mystery, and Sally Wright has it pretty much mastered in her Ben Reese series..."
- The New York Times Book Review

Code Of Silence - "...Meticulously researched, skillfully conveying the ambience and paranoia of the Cold War years, and chock-a-block with suspense, Wright’s latest Ben Reese mystery will appeal to fans of both spy thrillers and mainstream mysteries."
- Booklist

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5th and 6th Ben Reese Novels Available Now

Watches Of The Night, book 5 in the Ben Reese (archivist, ex-WWII-scout) series published by Severn House. Now available for Kindle! Learn more about the book and read an excerpt here.

Code of Silence, book 6, is a 1957 prequel to the series also published by Severn House. Now available for Kindle! Learn more and read an excerpt here.

"To borrow a beautiful phrase from her own work, Sally Wright's Breeding Ground is a story that is as small as a wren's nest and as wide as the world. There's murder along the way, but Breeding Ground aims at a larger target and hits home remarkably well. It's a tale of families and the ghosts that haunt them, of heroes and horses, of the age-old battle between those who value honor and those who do not. The prose is gorgeous, and the setting — the stunning horse country of Kentucky — has never been more beautifully rendered. This is a book you will absolutely be glad you've read."

-- William Kent Krueger,
New York Times Best Selling author of the Cork O'Connor Mystery Series




"In Breeding Ground, Sally Wright returns to the time period of her Edgar-nominated Ben Reese series, the early sixties, and echoes two themes of those novels: the ongoing damage wrought by the Second World War and the continuing sway of history in general. She even revisits one of the Ben Reese settings, Lexington, Kentucky. But Wright has a new protagonist, Jo Grant, an architect who has lost her brother to a motorcycle accident. And through Grant, Wright has produced an entirely different kind of book.

Breeding Ground is a novel about damaged people coming together or failing to and allowing themselves to heal or choosing not to. One of those damaged people is Jo Grant herself, a woman who has had too many responsibilities thrust upon her, in the manner of George Bailey of It's a Wonderful Life.

Breeding Ground describes Grant's coming to terms with her responsibilities, not through the agency of angels but through the legacy of horses. Horses are the economic lifeblood of Lexington and the means through which Wright brings together members of different economic classes in believable interaction and conflict. And when that conflict results in a storm of violence that breaks over Grant and her extended family, terrified horses play their part.

Though it represents a departure for Wright, Breeding Ground features the trademarks of her fiction: a strong, principled protagonist, careful writing, and an evocative recreation of a lost time and place. Not all evil is punished in Breeding Ground or plot points resolved, a welcome suggestion that this book may be the start of a new series. Grant herself promises this in the closing pages, and she's a woman who keeps her promises."

Terence Faherty,
Edgar Alan Poe Award Finalist (Owen Keane mystery series), two time winner of the Shamus Award (Scott Elliott P.I. series)